First Thursday
Training Series

Trainings will be offered on the first Thursday of each month from 9:15am-10:45am at Rivers & Mountains or at The Lotus (when specified). Cost is $10 for 1.5 CEUs. Proceeds will go to presenters and to support future Consilience community events.


Thursday, March 07, 2019 (at The Lotus)

Body Wisdom: Somatic Approaches for Therapists
Presenters: Jamie Anesi, LCPC & Nolita Becker, LCPC

Join Jamie Anesi, LCPC and Nolita Becker, LCPC, SEP of The Lotus for an experiential training on how to incorporate body/mind therapy approaches into your sessions. There will be demonstrations of how to integrate somatic props and mind/body tools/activities into your sessions as well as introductory background into somatic approaches. This session will also use movement to explore the connection between intentional thoughts and the body's reaction to positive self-talk and acceptance. Through simple movement forms we will also explore intention, guided meditation and imagination, play, and breath as ways to gently explore opening our hearts, minds and bodies and inner wisdom.

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Other Upcoming Trainings

April 4, 2019
Helping Those Who Are Tired of Being Tired
Presenter: Kristy Boese FNP, PMHNP, BC

This training will introduce some of the newer theories on depression and review the link between the gut and brain health. Fatigue, in particular, is historically a medication resistant symptom and is often the nemesis of those treating people with depression. We will explore some options to help people improve fatigue by using complimentary and alternative therapies to correct issues in the gut that are often the culprit of fatigue for many of those being treated for depression.

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May 2, 2019
Enhanced Recovery for the Opioid Dependent Parturient
Presenter: Brock Smith, CRNA, MSN, APRN; Doctorate in Nursing Candidate

Training Objectives:

  • Discuss the epidemiologic impacts of substance dependence in the pregnant patient

  • Review the importance of addressing substance dependence in pregnancy relative to health care initiatives and patient care

  • Identify literature review findings for addressing the problem and the use of enhanced recovery as a solution to the problem of substance dependence in the parturient

  • Describe an approach to address the needs of substance dependent parturients involved with acute pain of surgery and labor

  • Identify outcome measures that demonstrate success in combating substance dependence in the parturient

  • Discuss the impact of collaborate care through early screening, intervention and referrals to combat the problem of substance dependence in the pregnant patients

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June 6, 2019 (4-hour skills training)
Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Presenter: Pat Van Wyk, PhD

Past Trainings

Addiction, Compulsion and Emotional Dis-ease
Presenters: Marah Connole, LCPC, LAC and Joelle Johnson, LCSW, LAC

Introduction to Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Presenter: Pat Van Wyk, PhD

An Introduction to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Presenter: Dr. Lenard Lantz

Parenting Alienation
Presenters: Cheryl Bouvier, LCSW & Terry Tollakson, LCPC

Perinatal Mental Health
Presenters: Dana Hillyer, PMHCNS, APRN, Brenda Burns & Jen Burckhard

Privacy Law and Therapists: Make HIPAA Work for You
Presenters: Mark Lancaster, Esq & Lucas Hamilton, Esq