First Thursday
Training Series

Trainings will be offered on the first Thursday of each month from 9:15am-10:45am at Rivers & Mountains or at The Lotus (when specified). Cost is $10 for 1.5 CEUs. Proceeds will go to presenters and to support future Consilience community events.


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Enhanced Recovery for the Opioid Dependent
Parturient (Pregnant Patient)

Brock Smith, CRNA, MSN, APRN; Doctorate in Nursing Candidate

Training Objectives:

  • Discuss the epidemiologic impacts of substance dependence in the pregnant patient

  • Review the importance of addressing substance dependence in pregnancy relative to health care initiatives and patient care

  • Identify literature review findings for addressing the problem and the use of enhanced recovery as a solution to the problem of substance dependence in the parturient

  • Describe an approach to address the needs of substance dependent parturients involved with acute pain of surgery and labor

  • Identify outcome measures that demonstrate success in combating substance dependence in the parturient

  • Discuss the impact of collaborate care through early screening, intervention and referrals to combat the problem of substance dependence in the pregnant patients

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Other Upcoming Trainings

June 6, 2019 (4-hour skills training: 9am - 1pm)
Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Presenter: Pat Van Wyk, PhD

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT, said as one word not the letters) is an evidence-based contextual and cognitive behavioral intervention with the potential to increase vitality and decrease suffering. It is a constructive approach to therapy that may help people learn to embrace their inner experience and build behavioral repertoires that are values oriented. ACT is not a cookbook approach, the tools are inside the therapy, but they are not the therapy. Specific techniques are important to learn, and too great a focus on these can distract our focus on observing the interpersonal verbal and nonverbal processes that help clinicians move from “using ACT tools” to “doing ACT.”

This workshop will introduce the core competencies of ACT, and use experiential exercises to introduce the six core processes of ACT: acceptance, defusion, contact with the present moment, self as context, values, and committed actions. These processes have been shown empirically to help alleviate human suffering. Since mental health professionals are human too, we can apply these same processes to our own lives which can make it easier to then apply these processes in therapy. This is an interactive and experiential workshop that may involve sitting, standing, walking, reflecting, role play, and interacting.

Learning Objectives:
1. Develop an understanding of the ACT model.
2. Understand the ACT therapeutic model and its application to a variety of clinical situations
3. Develop skill in implementing the core competencies of ACT
4. Better discriminate therapeutically-relevant client behaviors such as avoidance, cognitive fusion, and values-oriented behavior/vitality.
5. Use at least two new defusion and acceptance techniques.
6. Use new techniques for helping clients articulate their values and identify workable actions
7. Demonstrate how the different ACT techniques relate to each other and to the basic principles of ACT.

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Past Trainings

Addiction, Compulsion and Emotional Dis-ease
Presenters: Marah Connole, LCPC, LAC and Joelle Johnson, LCSW, LAC

Body Wisdom: Somatic Approaches for Therapists
Presenters: Jamie Anesi, LCPC and Nolita Becker, LCPC

An Introduction to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Presenter: Dr. Lenard Lantz

Helping Those Who Are Tired of Being Tired
Presenter: Kristy Boese, PMHNP, BC

Introduction to Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Presenter: Pat Van Wyk, PhD

Medicaid and Children’s Mental Health Care: An Overview for Outpatient Therapists
Presenters: Dan Carlson-Thompson, LCSW and Jamie Olsen, MA

Parenting Alienation
Presenters: Cheryl Bouvier, LCSW & Terry Tollakson, LCPC

Perinatal Mental Health
Presenters: Dana Hillyer, PMHCNS, APRN, Brenda Burns & Jen Burckhard

Privacy Law and Therapists: Make HIPAA Work for You
Presenters: Mark Lancaster, Esq & Lucas Hamilton, Esq